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We value our patients' experience at Balance Chiropractic Health Center Oakland. See for yourself, the great success our patients have experienced here at Balance Chiropractic Health Center Oakland.


- Dr. Eva Whitmore

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

Eva has completely transformed my life, my children's lives, and many others I have enjoyed sharing stories about Eva over the years. I went to her with awful allergies initially. 3 different traditional doctors told me doing allergy tests wouldn't help because I would need Claritin or Zyrtec & and Flonase/steroid nasal sprays ... forever. She helped me understand the root cause of kinesiology identifying allergic/sensitive foods for me specifically. I was eating dairy and wheat and that was overloading my liver. In the winter: no allergies, in spring: crazy hay fever. So I didn't realize it was my diet. I also had a chronically bad lower back and needed adjustments every 6-10 weeks and sadly I didn't realize that was "chronic". On the first visit, I held 50 vials by my chest as she muscle-tested my arm and she said I was allergic to 6 of the - dairy & wheat were in my diet and were far more important than pollen or White Oak or dogs or whatever I wasn't eating. I covered the vials and skeptically asked her to do it again. Guessing Yes/No correctly 5 times: 1 in 32. 50 times correctly: 1 in 1,125,899,906,842,624. I knew that number was large enough to trust beyond a shadow of a doubt that kinesiology worked and that she could get feedback from my body ... or she was a magician. I still believe that also ... she laughs and says: "It's in the books, it's not magic". I started to completely trust Eva from that moment. Her answers have been exponentially better than "stories and strategies" from traditional medicine. Even one ND that did blood work for a friend identified she was sensitive to 17 things ... but sadly did not help her know what actions to take. She couldn't avoid pollen, mold, grass, etc. I emphatically shared with her Eva's message: "Don't eat what you are allergic to!! That uses up ~90% of our liver's capacity to digest allergens." I shared that message with her in 5 minutes driving her across town ... and she told me one month later that I changed her life. The right answers CAN change our lives! What if you are suffering still because you just haven't found the right answers yet? Tell her everything! Figure it out! Happy Healing!

- Jason L.

Eva Whitmore has improved my life significantly! I can't recommend her enough. With only two visits, Eva reduced my chronic pain associated with fibromyalgia inflammation by 90%. She confirmed my diagnosis which in itself is a huge relief after years of struggling for answers. Even then was I only equipped with opioids and lidocaine injections, nothing that addressed the root of the cause. On Eva's suggestion, last year I made substantial changes to my diet. When I adhere to the diet and when I have a clean lifestyle I am virtually pain-free which is something I haven't been able to say in 20 years. Who knew that food was so important? Listen to your body -- go see Eva!

- Erica P.

I had a wonderful visit with Dr. Whitmore--Saw her for digestive troubles; I appreciated her thorough exam/tests & open communication. I felt like she really listened and her diagnosis resonated true with my experience. I am new to this approach but will be trying her nutritional advice & supplements.


Dr. Whitmore is the most incredible practitioner. I have seen chiropractors for 20 years. She has a holistic approach to health. She will help with nutrition, health, ailments, and chiropractor needs. You must absolutely see Dr. Whitmore!

- Rebecca B.

Chronic Pain

When I first met Dr. Whitmore, my unexplainable chronic pain was at its height. I could barely hold the steering wheel on my drive over to her office. After my sessions, the relief was significant. Together, over the past couple of years, we have been able to get to the bottom of the pain problems, correct them, and have resumed my normal lifestyle. I whole heartily recommend Dr. Eva Whitmore in every capacity. She is extremely welcoming, talented, and knowledgeable in her field. Without her, who knows if I ever would have had a pain-free day again.
-Michelle K.

Injuries/ Food Allergies

My whole family sees Dr. Eva Whitmore, and she has worked wonders for us. Several years ago, I had injured my leg practicing martial arts. The pain did not go away after a year until I started seeing Dr. Eva. She worked on my leg regularly, and now, the pain is gone and I am able to work out again at 100%! I go in to see her for adjustments and muscle testing on a regular basis, which allows me to maintain optimum health. My allopathic M.D. tells me that my overall health is that of a 25-year-old (I am 54). Dr. Eva also eliminated my two sons’ allergies to dairy and wheat. I cannot explain how she does it, but it works!
- Ron S. M.

Lupus/Autoimmune Illness

After suffering from lupus and multiple autoimmune-related illnesses, I was thrilled that after six months of treatment, I was medication-free, and after one year of treatment, I achieved remission. My MD (Rheumatologist) informed me such remission was highly unlikely due to duration (13 years), genetic factors, and severity of symptoms. Dr. Whitmore, I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back. I look forward to continued vibrant health. I can honestly say I feel better at 50 than I ever did at 30.

Mental Illness

I have suffered from bipolar disorder with a lot of sleeping issues for almost a decade. Psycho-pharmaceuticals only went so far, but they never worked entirely and always had side effects. I admit I was skeptical of the idea that Chiropractic work, nutrition, and AK could help with emotional & chemistry issues. But Dr. Whitmore has made me a believer. Since I started seeing her, she has helped me to manage my symptoms. I sleep better, have more energy, an improved memory, and am much sharper mentally! Thanks, Eva!
– Anonymous Patient


General Health

I am a 44-year-old woman, and first began chiropractic treatment when I was 5 for tilted atlas which caused me excruciating pain. I have continued seeing many different chiropractors for wellness care over the last 40 years. I can state with the utmost confidence that Dr. Whitmore is a true healer and one of the best in her field. The combination of chiropractic and kinesiology techniques she uses has proven the most effective at relieving my occasional aches and pains. And I also attribute my general good health to Dr. Whitmore’s regular treatments. I highly recommend her to anyone who is suffering from pain or injury, or who is interested in attaining and maintaining a positive overall state of health.
- Sandra W.

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