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Dr. Eva Whitmore is a licensed and certified chiropractor who owns Balance Chiropractic Health Center with offices in Oakland and Sonoma, CA. She uses a comprehensive approach that combines chiropractic with holistic healing and applied kinesiology. She helps patients who are seeking pain relief and balance of their emotional, physical, chemical and mental being.

Dr. Whitmore began her training as a medical student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. During this time, she was experiencing chronic back pain as a result of a childhood injury. While in search of medical treatment, she found a chiropractor who utilized applied kinesiology and was awed by the positive results after three visits.

Dr. Whitmore was so inspired by the pain relief she experienced with this combined therapy that she quickly changed her course of medical study and enrolled in chiropractic school. Dr. Whitmore earned her doctorate degree in Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA. She is also a board-certified applied kinesiologist and a certified practitioner of Quantum Reflex Analysis as well as an experienced practitioner of Total Body Modification and Morphogenic Field Technique.

Dr. Whitmore proudly offers an alternative to traditional, Western health care. She does not simply treat the symptoms but instead looks at the system as a whole and searches for the root cause of a patient’s pain. Once the root cause is determined she is able to provide pain relief, which allows the muscles, nerves, and energy to move freely. 

Dr. Whitmore can also assess diet, exercise routine, and habits to pinpoint if these factors contribute to the cause of pain and imbalance. If nutritional supplementation is necessary, she will tailor a regimen to support in balancing a patient’s individual needs and chemistry.

Dr. Whitmore’s experience and knowledge convinced her that the full spectrum of the plant was most effective in treating the ailments her patients present with every day. Her passion for and commitment to helping her patients achieve optimal health is what motivated her to develop the herbal spagyrics that make up Modern Alchemy.

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