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Balance Chiropractic Health Center in Oakland, CA offers an alternative to traditional, Western health care by combining chiropractic care, holistic healing, and applied kinesiology. The office provides a healing environment to help patients return to a healthy, balanced state---physically, chemically, and emotionally.


Dr. Eva Whitmore at Balance Chiropractic Health Center does not just treat the symptoms, she combines applied kinesiology to find the root cause of a patient’s pain. Once the root cause is determined, Dr. Whitmore relieves the pain and allows the muscles, nerves, and energy to move freely.


If nutritional supplementation is necessary, Dr. Whitmore will tailor a regimen to support balancing a patient’s individual chemistry. Dr. Whitmore can also assess diet, exercise routine, and habits to pinpoint if these factors contribute to the cause of pain and imbalance.

Dr. Whitmore also has practiced in Salt Lake City, UT, and Sonoma, CA. Check out her Salt Lake City location here:

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