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Body Composition/Weight Loss

When I was seven years old, I went into a room in my family’s basement where there was a weight training bench. Without knowing exactly where this thought came from, I decided to take a broom handle, remove the broom and fill 1-gallon jugs with water and tape them to the ends of the dowel. I believed this would be heavy enough to serve as weights. I then proceeded to perform bench presses, at least I believed that is what I was doing. Why? I honestly don’t remember where I got the thought that lifting weights would help me achieve the body I desired. I do know though that I have always loved muscles.


Growing up in a small town where everyone knows who you are, can be great and not-so-great. I fell into the not-so-great category. As a very overweight child and young adult who struggled mightily with her weight, I was bullied, ridiculed and looked at in ways that were hurtful and judgmental every day of my life from the age of 5 to 17. Needless to say, it was difficult. At age 16, I somehow convinced my dad to allow me to drive 75 miles weekly to a Gold’s Gym where I hired a trainer. Can you imagine my excitement! I was finally going to get the body I had dreamed of. I can remember showing my trainer a picture of a woman who was probably 5’ 10’ and 135 lbs. I was 5’ 4” and probably 150 lbs. I told him I wanted to look like this and asked if that was possible. He pacified me but also let me know that all bodies are different. Again, at age 16 while at an away basketball game with the basketball team, one of my teammates showed me how to eat and purge. I was hooked and for five years I proceeded to struggle with bulimia and anorexia.

Between the ages of 22-53 years old, my weight went up and down and everywhere in between while trying every diet you have and have not heard of. But I always loved going to the gym to lift weights still believing this offered some type of salvation.

In September of 2021 while visiting friends, one particular friend on the trip had gotten quite fit. I asked him what he was doing. He had hired a trainer, which I guess was something until I questioned him further about what the trainer had him doing. Can you imagine my utter shock when he told me his cardio sessions were about 20-30 minutes in length with his heart rate not going above 130 bpm. What! I don’t understand I said incredulously. You’re not doing HIIT? You’re not doing more? You look phenomenal! I don’t get it. Can you share your trainer’s number with me?


After contacting Nick, my friend’s trainer, Nick instructed me to do 4-30 min cardio sessions/week with my heart rate staying at around 130 bpm, he had me lift moderate weights 4-5 sessions/week and my daily caloric intake was around 1,450 calories. “Wait, I’m confused,” I told Nick, I can eat that much food and do less than I do and get fit? “Yes,” he said, and I did. The weight came off, easily. In fact, it was the easiest approach I had ever used and I was absolutely shocked! Over 11 months I went from 33.3% body fat and 142 lbs to 21% body fat and 128 lbs. and all during menopause. I finally had the body I had dreamt of having since I was 7 years old. Now let me help you.


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