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Balance Chiropractic Health center offers nutritional counseling to help patients manage chronic illness, pain, allergies, headaches, weight loss, sports injuries, and other illnesses. Our program offers healthy dieting with specialized needs, supplements, and exercise programs designed specifically for each patient. We have diets for patients will allergies and chronic health conditions that need to refrain from certain foods. We receive referrals from primary care physicians to help patients develop healthy diets and chiropractic therapies that work for them. We service the area of Oakland and the surrounding towns and cities.

How Nutritional Counseling Can Help

Our chiropractor will take your medical history, perform a physical, and sometimes run blood and imaging tests to make a proper diagnosis. We will recommend a diet, exercise, and supplement program based on your nutritional needs. We have healthy diets for chronic illness, weight loss, allergies, sports training, and other conditions. We will eliminate too much sugar, salt, and bad fat from your diet. Our diets will recommend fresh fruits and vegetables, lean grass-fed and hormone-free meats, fish, whole grains, beans, healthy oils, and dairy products. We will help you learn to plan healthy meals and snacks for the week.

What Nutritional Counseling Provides Patients

Our program will include recommending supplements that meet your nutritional needs. Supplementation is needed because most of us do not receive the proper vitamins needed throughout the day. Each nutritional supplement provides the extra boost of nutrition needed.  We may also recommend supplements that detox the body and remove harmful chemicals and toxins if necessary.

We will design an exercise program to meet your physical needs too. For chronic illness, our chiropractor will provide exercises that can be done at home to improve mobility and manage pain. We may also recommend other types of exercises like walking, running, swimming, dancing, yoga, gardening, and yard work. Our chiropractor will customize the exercise program to your specific needs.

Nutritional counseling helps patients heal from injuries and illness faster, improves concentration and sleeping, and supports overall wellness.  It is a safe healthy way to lose weight. It can be combined with other therapies to treat pain and chronic illness. For children, it can help them develop good eating and exercise habits. Nutritional counseling can help you understand that what you eat affects your overall health. Eating the right foods when losing weight helps control blood sugar.


Contact Us About Nutritional Counseling

Contact us at Balance Chiropractic Health Center to make an appointment about nutritional counseling for pain, weight loss, chronic illness, sports injuries, allergies, and overall wellness. Fill out our online form or call our office at 510-450-0701 today.

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