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Most people experience back pain at one point or another. While acute pain typically resolves as its underlying illness or injury heals, chronic pain may continue to plague you for months or even indefinitely.


Fortunately, even chronic pain conditions respond well to the right pain management strategies. If you seek to ease your chronic pain without depending on painkilling drugs, you'll find your answers at Balance Chiropractic Health Center in Oakland, CA.

Musculoskeletal and Neurological Causes of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain may develop as a lingering reminder of an old injury or illness that never quite healed properly. Internal scarring and other lasting physical changes can leave you with stiff joints, painful muscles, and other nagging chronic symptoms. Even if you have never sustained such an injury or illness, you can develop chronic pain associated with age-related changes. For instance, spinal discs that have lost their height may bulge outward, pinching major nerves and straining vertebral joints. In addition to neck or back pain, these changes can cause neurological pain and other symptoms in your arms or legs. Osteoarthritis can cause chronic pain and stiffness in your joints.

Other abnormal stresses or imbalances can produce chronic pain as well. Years of overuse can create chronic tendinitis, muscle strain, or premature joint wear. Even congenital or acquired postural problems can eventually lead to chronic pain conditions. An untreated musculoskeletal misalignment can place unnatural strain on various parts of your body.

Many people turn to pharmaceuticals for pain management. However, these drugs typically provide only temporary relief, forcing users to take dose after dose. This regular usage can create unwanted or even dangerous side effects without ever really addressing the underlying cause of the pain.


Chiropractic Care Provides Drug-Free Pain Management

Chiropractic care can provide drug-free, non-surgical pain management for chronic conditions that don't lend themselves to an outright cure. Our chiropractor can obtain a thorough knowledge of your condition through the use of applied kinesiology. Painful joints often respond to chiropractic adjustments that bring the joint components into better alignment. Spinal adjustments can improve your overall posture and symmetry, reducing chronic soft tissue pain while also easing nerve impingement.

Our holistic approach to chronic pain management doesn't end with chiropractic care. We can provide you with a holistic pain management plan that includes other safe, natural strategies such as nutritional supplementation, dietary changes, and exercise.

Talk to Our Oakland, CA Chiropractor

If you want pain management that delivers results without the need for medication, then you'll want to talk to our Oakland CA chiropractor. Call Balance Chiropractic Health Center at (510) 450-0701!

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