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One of the benefits of visiting a chiropractor at Balance Chiropractic Health Center involves holistic healing. Dr. Eva Whitmore at Balance Chiropractic Health Center's in Oakland and Sonoma, CA and Salt Lake, UT uses a comprehensive and holistic approach in healing her patients in the Oakland, Sonoma, and Salt Lake area.
    1. "I've had nothing but positive experiences with her."

    2. Hope A. Yelp

    1. "I have just met Dr. Eva and 'wow!' now I know what my parents are talking about!!"

    2. Christina A. Yelp

    1. "She gave me some herbs to take and after 3 days my pain was completely gone."

    2. Joy B. Yelp

    1. "I am convinced Dr. Whitmore is a bonafide health and wellness genius."

    2. Cassandra H. Yelp

    1. "She is incredibly thoughtful and dedicated to her patients."

    2. Jenny P. Yelp

    1. "Dr. Whitmore absolutely deserves a 6 STARS recommendation."

    2. Verified Patient Yelp

    1. "She has changed the course of my health and improved my standard of living immensely."

    2. Amanda H. Yelp

    1. "Dr. Whitmore 'fixed' my knee and has even gotten rid of my hot flashes!!"

    2. Lou M. Yelp

Holistic Healing Q & A

What is Holistic Healing and is it Safe?

Yes, holistic healing is safe when completed by a professional, such as Dr. Whitmore at Balance Chiropractic Health Center in Oakland, CA and Salt Lake, UT. Holistic healing goes beyond simply treating symptoms like in Western therapies; holistic healing is a whole body and whole life approach. It includes nutrition, exercise, physical therapies, emotional wellness, and mental health. A holistic healer will look at all aspects of a patient’s life and return them to a balanced state. During treatment, Dr. Whitmore will conduct a complete evaluation of total self; she will then suggest treatments based on a holistic viewpoint of chiropractic care.

How Does Holistic Healing Associate with Nutrition?

According to holistic health, the foods we consume play a major role in chiropractic care. If we are eating unhealthy food, such as greasy burgers, french fries, and sugary ice cream, this will negatively impact health. Bad eating habits can result in high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and a general lack of energy and stamina. With a lack of energy, one may fall into a sedentary lifestyle, in which the muscles can become weak. With this, one is more likely to suffer from muscle injuries.

What are the Holistic Healing Methods Used by Dr. Eva Whitmore of the Balance Chiropractic Health Center'S?

Here at the Balance Chiropractic Health Center's in Oakland, CA and Salt Lake, UT Dr. Whitmore uses several holistic healing methods. She utilizes structural healing by addressing any spinal alignment issues. Dr. Whitmore also treats chemical imbalances, such as a lack of nutrition, to see if this could cause other issues in your body. Evaluation of your emotional balance is the third part of treatment on a holistic level. By looking at your whole health picture, Dr. Whitmore can prescribe natural, preventative care and chiropractic treatments to help you.

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